Product Development

Innovations and Ideas

To produce products that meet the highest requirements in fitting and quality, we are developing new ideas, innovations and technical solutions, at all times.
We draw from 70 years business experience and combine “Mind” (marketing analyse, measurements, trend analysis etc. ) with “Hand” , (technical know-how and creative processing of our business management and all employees).

We are the perfect point of contact regarding for developments, new ideas and solutions for all customers in the lingerie section, fashion labels, textile chains, discounters etc. We offer in addition to our consulting services for product development, productive process leading to product maturity and final production of the collection. We also coordinate the process steps beginning with material procurement and ending with worldwide logistics.

Design and development:

Based on market and collection analysis but drawn out on 70 years business experience, we develop new products, variations and designs.

All products are created in our new Design and Development Centre in Swabian Heubach. Here in our so called “kitchen” we tinker, try and finally adjust. This direct proximity enables short communication channels and immediate reaction times. Products and product optimisation can promptly be undertaken and implemented.

The here developed know-how is directly linked to our production sites (our own and joint ventures )on short communication routes.. Our own offices in Hongkong and Jakarta form an extended arm towards suppliers and manufacturing facilities.

Beginning with the first sample up to the final production maturity – all development processes are implemented locally in Germany.

This guarantees short decision ways and direct contact.

Development steps in Heubach / Germany:

  • Sourcing
  • Design and draft
  • Development, choice, evaluation and testing of fabrics
  • Pattern, grading etc.
  • Molding and foam developments
  • Product development
  • Fitting