As a strategic partner for underwear labels, fashion labels , textile chains, trademarks, discounters, start-ups etc. we offer our full know-how also as consulting service.

We handle the following steps for our customers:

Market analysis

Positioning on the market, market conditions, competition, target groups, market awareness, consumer behaviour etc.

Collection analysis:

Collection frames / settings, price positioning, collection contents, series / product quality analysis, workmanship, material usage, fitting etc.

Market trend:

New trends in terms of product, colours, patterns( styling ) etc.


From concepts which result from the analysis we practically apply amendments, collection focus, new production concepts for our customers and advise and guide towards supply chain sourcing / purchasing concepts, production steps, quality concepts, production process, quality concepts incl. QC guidelines and their implementation.


If you are looking for a contact partner to talk to, regarding solutions in the textile manufacturing sector, then contact us immediately.

You can reach us under the following contact:

Fon: +49 7173 913 80 10